Thursday, 19 May 2016

Planning and recording a video!

Hi again!

The second part of the group challenge was to record a video, but first we planned it through a comic with StoryBoard That.

We decided to do it with StoryBoard That as it allowed us to choose the setting (indoors, outdoors), the characters could also be modified, and we personally believe that it is easy to work with

StoryBoard can be a very interesting tool for children to work with as I said before is not difficult at all to use and students will develop their writing skills as well as ICT’s. It would be also wise to make students write their own comics about any topic. With it, students can work any content and develop their creative and imaginative skills. For all these reasons I highly recommend this tool in Primary education lessons.

Made with Storyboard That

The next step, after planning the video, we had to to record it.
Recording the video was an easy challenge as we all collaborated and it was not difficult to begin with it as we planned it before with StoryBoard That, hence, we knew what we wanted to do.

The aim of the video is to explain how to create the final artifact, the online poster about the body and the senses with Canva.

The instructions were the following:
 - Make groups of 3 people in order to work cooperatively.
 - Each group will have to search for information on the Internet about the body and senses. They will also have to select and collect this information in order to create the poster.
- They will have to create a Canva account (one per group).
- Using the information they’ve found on the Internet, they will make a poster including visual support as images or videos.
- Finally, each group will share their creation on the social network (twitter, pinterest, facebook, the school blog…)

 We recorded the video with a smartphone and we saved the video in our pc. We used Windows Movie Maker to edit and add different slides and add some music. Windows Movie Maker is a tool which has to be downloaded from the internet and can be used without internet connection, which can be a great advantage. With it, users can create their own videos or edit them. Music can also be added and it is not difficult to use.

Working with my classmates has been an incredible experience as we had fun at the same time we learnt from each other. I would also like to thank them as it has been very easy to work together.

This is the video we recorded, I hope you like it!


Before finishing, I would like to tell you that the StoryBoard and the video we recorded is going to take part of a nationwide educational collaborative project: The ESL Times and we feel very proud of it as it is a real proposal that any teacher can do inside the class. We also received an award:

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