Thursday, 5 May 2016


Hello everybody!

We are now ask to work in groups! Isn't it exciting? It is a great opportunity to share ideas and knowledge.

The activity I am going to explain through this entrie is just a part of the group challenge. Our group topic is THE BODY and THE SENSES. 

As we want the students to creat a final artifact we are going to make different tasks that are going to be a support for sutents in order do successfully the final artifact:  an online poster about the body and the senses with Canva.

It is expected from them a poster similar to the following:

The first supportive task is an InfoEduGraphic using the tool “Pikochart”.

The objective of this InfoEduGraphic is to introduce the topic and the task to our students in a visual way and indicate briefly the different steps they will have to take to do their final artifact.

Through this visual support we believe that students will feel more motivated as it is eye catching and it will clarify their ideas and concepts.

In our view, infographics are very useful inside the classroom as we consider it a great tool as it helps students to understand and follow instructions in an easier and clearer way.

Regarding Pikochart, I would like to point out that it is a very easy tool to work with as well as attractive and engaging. It is free and online, and users may choose between many features: background, colors, templates, icons, or you may also work with your own images.

You can see the InfoEduGraphic we made here . It looks like this:

InfoEdugraphis a very useful for both, students and teachers, as it is a way in which students have clear steps and can learn by their own. It is useful for different subjects and topics so, let's try it!

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