Thursday, 19 May 2016


Today I would like to talk about a special live meeting we had last 7th April, a chocotalk about "How CLIL can contribute to having happier bilingual learners?".

It has been one of the most interesting and exciting parts of ICT's subject as everyone participated at the same time in their groups.
In every group, the members had different roles:

  • A speaker
  • A disseminator
  • A content curator

The speaker was the one who had to have a live talk with the rest of the speakers about the different proposals and ideas about CLIL.
The disseminator was in charge of spreading out the world what was being said on the live chocotalk.
The content curator had to gather all the information about the chocotalk.

The chocotalk itself was very interesting as different topics were mentioned and discussed:

  • The CLIL e-projects we were planning.
  • ICT tools and challenges in the classroom.
  • Emotional benefits of CLIL.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of CLIL and bilingualism.

In my group I was one of the disseminators and all of us used Twitter to spread what was happening, using the hashtags #chococharlas and #ictclil_urjc. Being a disseminator was quite funny but stressful too as I could not miss any point of the chocotalk and I had to be checking Twitter, answering any doubt and speading what has happening.

Another member of my group, who was in charge of gathering all the information, recapped al the information through a very interesting tool called Storify which allows users to gather and create a timeline story about different things that happen on different social networks.

Have a look at summary that one member of my group did (the content curator). If you have missed the chocotalk you will catch up easily with everything:

Even though is was an online chocotalk you can watch it now:

I hope you enjoy our sweet chocotalk and learn a little bit about our ideas :)

See you!

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