Thursday, 5 May 2016

Augment World Book Day

Hello again! As you know, the 23rd of April we all celebrated the World Book Day and we faced a new challenged. We were asked to work with Aurasma.
Aurasma is an augmented reality platmorf where you can scan triggered images and see what is in it (videos, 3d images, animations, etc). Users can download Aurasma App on their smartphone and create their own Auras and search others. I recognize that for me it has been difficult to understand Aurasma’s concept but finally I dealt with it and in my view, it’s one of the more impressive apps I worked with. The challenge consisted on linking a triggered image with a video about the type of readers we are. The triggered image is the following, which you can scan in Aurasma (celialancharro) and discover what type of reader I am. I linked the image with a video in which I explained my favourite book and more interesting things, you just have to scan the image and watch the video that appears on your phone’s screen.
Once I did my Aura, I shared it with my peers at A wall of Books on Pinterest and there, I could see all of their Auras. It has been a very interesting activity which I think learners will surely enjoy. If you wish, you may have a look at A Wall of Books and discover my classmates reading interest. I recommend you to chek out Aurasma and download it, it is a very interesting app with which you will discover loads of things!

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