Monday, 22 February 2016

Self introduction with Voki

Hello everybody! As you already know I am a pre primary teacher studying a master course on bilingual education and through this blog I am going to share with you the different challenges I will do through ICT's subject.

The first task we have been asked to do is a self introduction, explaining 3 things you should know about me, 2 of my favourite activities in the world and 1 dream occupation if I weren't a teacher.

I decided to do this 3 2 1 Introduction with Voki as it catched my attention since the first look.

Voki is a free website with which you can create an avatar and give voice to it. You may choose between different characters and you may if you wish change different features such as: hair, eyes and skin color, or the size of the head, nose or lips. You are also allowed to put on some complements (sunglasses, ribbons, etc) or choose between different clothes.

Users can also modify the background setting and choose between many options (indoors, outdoors, night time, day time, etc).

It can be used for many purposes: giving a lesson in an exciting way, explaining a certain topic or presenting yourself.

You may also take advantage of it using it's classroom service, in which you can follow student's progress, set deadlines and verify their submission. If you wish you may also share the different projects with the rest of the class, parents or even on the school's web site.

I have chosen a human female avatar and I have changed everything I could to make her look like a teacher.

So as to put voice to it, you can type the text and they will read it for you or you may also record yourself and put your own voice. In my view, this the most exciting part, as you can ultimately see how the avatar speaks (moving her lips) with your voice.

I highly recommend you take a look to it and try it yourself! If you do, I am sure you will be happy with the results.

As you can see is a very easy web to use and the final artifact can be impressive for the students! You may also choose an animal or even an alien, wouldn't be funny?

I would like to share with you an idea that has come to mind. It could be novel and effective at keeping children quiet in class. You could create an avatar with a voice asking students to keep quiet and whenever they are messing about play it. 

If you think of any other ways of working with it, please share them!

Here you have my final result!

I hope you like it, I certainly did.

See you in the next post!

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