Friday, 26 February 2016

The license I have chosen for my blog


Did you know about the importance of the licenses in a web?

Honestly I was not concious about it and I thought it was not important at all, however, internet is just like real life...

I have chosen a license for my blog in which I allow readers to copy, share and redistribute my posts, images and ideas for any purpose (even commercially). Readers may also adapt my work as long as they recognize the original author.

I believe that we must share with other collegues what we create so we all can benefit from other's ideas. However, if someone does not allows it, everybody should respect it and do not share it or use it with out permission.

When teaching students how to surf on the internet and write their own academic writings, it should also be taught the importance of being respectful with others projects, studies and ideas from the very beginning so as to avoid plagiarism and attribute someone’s work.

Some situations can be stablished to make students understand that copying without naming the original author and the source of information means stealing an idea that belongs to someone else and it is considered a crime.

In order to motivate them, apart from evaluating the content or language structure of the student’s writings, it should also be assessed the way in which they make reference to sources and authors.

Students have to be aware of the importance of respecting others work and when they can or cannot make use of it.

Do you have any other ideas to make students conciuous about linceses? Come on, leave me some comments!

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