Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Becoming a content curator

Looking for educational resources on the internet is fantastic but, do you gather this information?

I have never gathered the information I found interesting on the internet (blogs, articles, etc...) but now I am learning how to save these webs you want to keep close to check them in any moment. Do you want to now how?

I have created an account on Pinterest! This was another task we had to do in ICT's subject.

On Pinterest you can organize the different webs that catch your attention. It is just like a corckboard in which you can pin the online resources that are from your interest.

It is very useful as I, personally, have always lost the different things I found on the internet....

You may create different boards depending on the topic and gather the information related to that topic on that specific board.

As an example you can visit my board on interesting webs for CLIL

You may also feel interested on visiting my pinterest profile where you will find other boards of my interest.

I encourage you to join Pinterest and start to organize and save your favourite webs.

Pinterest can also be a very useful tool for students when making some projects, as they will have in just one place all the information they have found. They will be able to add a description and organize it as they want.

As teachers it is also very interesting as you can check different boards and share pins with other collegues. Pinterest allows users to create collaborative boards too, which definetely will make tasks easier.

Come on, give it a try! I am completely sure that you will make your life easier :)

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